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WildCard Improv Tribal-style
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Reyna is a co-founder, principal dancer and instructor for WildCard BellyDance. She has been belly dancing since 2005, and was a former principal dancer and certified instructor for BlackSheep BellyDance. Reyna has had musical training and a passion for performing since a young age. She was drawn to this style of dance because of the eclectic costuming, improvisational group format, and intoxicating rhythms. Since the inception of WildCard BellyDance, she has played an integral part in the innovation of their unique format, and has created some of WCBD's saucy signature combos like the Jellyfish, Powerstroke and the Train to Fadedsville. She teaches the ongoing intermediate (level 2) classes, and frequently travels to perform and teach workshops worldwide.

She has had the privilege of teaching and performing with WildCard BellyDance at many prestigious events and festivals, including the Black Forest Tribalfestival in Offenburg, Germany, the Las Vegas BellyDance Intensive Pro-show, and the Cues & Tattoos Instructor Showcase in Seattle, WA. She has also been featured with WCBD in the BellyDance Chronicles, Zaghareet, and Hagalla Magazine. She has recently been involved in the making of "Tribal Collaborations," a world fusion style music CD created by Arcane Dimension and WildCard BellyDance.

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Reyna of WildCard BellyDance
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