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WildCard Improv Tribal-style
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Seba is the Troupe Director of WildCard BellyDance. She has always loved dance in all its many forms, however, in 2002 she discovered American Tribal Style® belly dance and it has been her passion ever since. What drew Seba to this style of dance is the intuitive connection that is felt between the dancers as they dance this synchronized group improvisation style of belly dance. Her passion for this style of belly dance has led Seba on an incredible journey.

Seba was the assistant and then acting director of BlackSheep BellyDance for several years. Seba has been certified in FatChanceBellyDance® General Skills, Suhaila Level 1 and BlackSheep BellyDance format Level 1 and 2 teacher training.

In 2008 Seba Co-founded WildCard BellyDance with her fellow troupies and helped birth a new ITS format. Seba teaches weekly belly dance classes in Sonoma county as well as workshops and teaching events around the U.S. and internationally.
Seba has taught workshops at Tribal Fusion Faire, Cues & Tattoos, Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, Winter Moon, Carnival of Stars and numerous other festivals and events.

To contact Seba for classes, workshops or performances you can email Seba or see our contact page. Seba's teacher bio is available here (PDF).

Seba: Director of WildCard BellyDance
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